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11/29/2017 - We love your products - it is the first "kid safe" repellent we've used that actually keeps the bugs away from us!
- Alayna, Florida

11/28/2017 - Wow! Words cannot describe the quality of both of the Bug Protector mosquito and tick products. I am a long distance walker. I’ve hiked across America and a good part of each of North Africa, Asia, Mid-East, Central America, Ecuador, Peru. I’ve spent a lot of time walking in my 70 years. I have learned a few truths along the way. It is rare to find a good all surface bug protection and to my great pleasure these products do the job. These smell good and handle hiking day after day in continuous use. Sweating and getting wet seems to not bother the product and it keeps on working. I sprayed the entrance to my sleeping bag and the bugs would not come near it. The ingredients work to give solid anti-bug protection both in high mountain and jungle environments. I came into a pair of small 1 oz. Bug Protector bottles and I like the performance they gave. I’m leaving on another journey to the Amazon and Ecuador and these products will be in my pack!
- Tim, Oregon

10/23/2017 - The smell is so wonderful that I want to spray it even when I'm inside with no mosquitoes! It works so good and I love all the natural ingredients!! It is just what I've needed considering I absolutely hate unatural sprays that just smell like yuck chemicals!! Couldn't be happier, this is so lovely. Wish I could give more then five stars ;)
- Joy, Wood, TX

9/25/2017 - Bug Protector was a great asset to have while dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Had the pleasure of introducing many people to a great product so they had one less thing to worry about.
- Thresha, Moss Bluff, FL

8/29/2017 - This product is exceptional, performing well in mosquito, tick and flea territory in deep woods in Arkansas and on Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. I can't get enough of it and don't leave home without it!
- Colleen, Arkansas

8/27/2017 - I keep it on my front porch so I can keep the bugs at bay when I watch the sunrise and sunset. As soon as I see one and I spray myself, they disappear! Thank you for making a safe and pleasant smelling product!
- Suzi, Texas

7/13/2017 - Found this by accident and so glad I tried it. At 69, with excess lactic acid, and living in the woods who needs anything else- it is the only product that really works, without DEET. All I can do is thank you and I'm ordering more today. Please don't ever change it .
- Christine, Addison, PA

7/9/2017 - I bought this to avoid getting that nasty chemical smell from the typical brands. It does a decent job at repelling mosquitoes, and it smells very good. It need to be reapplied and some will still bite, but a good natural product.
- Jennifer, Virginia

7/5/2017 - Found this while shopping and saw the ingredients especially the lemongrass and peppermint oils knew they work for mosquitoes. I'm hooked! This stuff works I'll be stocking up on this! We are ready for summer outings. The smell is really good and not over powering.
- Kristy, Florida

6/28/2017 - Hello!! I LOVE Bug Protector!! I'm very excited to get more of the spray. I love that I can use it on myself or our dogs and it WORKS without chemicals and smells wonderful! If the review was out of 10 stars your spray gets a 10! Thank you!!
- Jolie, Windsor Heights, IA

6/20/2017 - Love! Can sit on my deck with no gnats or mosquitoes bothering me or biting!
- Sherri, Iowa

6/19/2017 - Love love love this stuff whether I am gardening or riding my bike or walking - I can do it all bug free.
- Jane, Illinois

6/5/2017 - I LOVE Bug Protector! It smells so good and works!
- Morgann, Georgia

6/3/2017 - I just placed an order. My wife found your spray pens in a Casey's gas station. We bought it hoping it would work on our grandchildren. It works like magic! I do appreciate finding an insect spray that is safe for our grandchildren and it has worked to repel mosquitos just fine. The children can play without worry. Please keep your product in the gas stations so more people will run across it. Thanks for a safe product we can use on the children! The whole S. family.
- Richard, Ozark, MO

6/2/2017 - My son is allergic to deet and this worked perfectly. No bugs got near him and he didn't break out in hives. I'll be stocking up on this!
- Wendy, Florida

5/12/2017 - I just have to say WOW!!! I am a customer for life. I first found out about this product when I got a small 2fl oz bottle in my CAIRN box. My first thought was "oh my gosh the smells amazing!", then I was a little bit nervous that because it smelled so good it wouldn't work. I mean come on now bug spray is supposed to smell bad be a little sticky and leave a bad taste in your mouth, right? Not with Bug Protector! Not only is this an all natural product but it smells good, it feels good and it works! I can't believe I haven't had this in my life longer! I am a backcountry camper and hiker, I go hiking all the time, I kayak, I run, I do races, I'm outdoors with my dogs all the time, my job keeps me outdoors a lot and I will never use anything else! I've given a bottle to my sister who is a camper, hiker and hunter and my best friend who I share my backcountry trips with and I just shared this product with over 14,000 people in an Arizona hikers group on Facebook! Everybody needs to know about this amazing product! Thank you!!!
- Jacquelyn Hartke, Glendale, AZ

5/12/2017 - I opted for you because my daughter has allergies and needed this item for camp, so I won't be around when she uses it and you guys are all natural...hopefully our order is here before she departs for camp. I am well aware I probably could have run to Walmart for OFF or whatever but all natural was very appealing.
- Christine, Anaheim, CA

4/28/2017 - This stuff is amazing! I have been out in the woods 6 times in the last few weeks mushroom hunting and it keeps all the bugs from buzzing in my face, works great at keeping mosquitoes away, and it actually works wonders for keeping ticks off me! It's better than OFF Deep Woods and smells fantastic too! Would definitely recommend it!
- Ashley, Iowa

3/27/2017 - Where I work, we are surrounded by a forest preserve and we have a mosquito and fly problem late summer and early fall. Needless to say, the mosquitoes are constantly biting me and I am wary to use DEET spray, for obvious health concerns and many other products that I have tried don't work, or the smell is so strong it bothers customers and co-workers. I used Bug Protector for a week only while at work and it worked great! I found it online and ordered 2 bottles for the 2017 mosquito season!
- Elizabeth, Illinois

1/31/2017 - LOVE Bug Protector!! A friend picked up a bottle for us and I finally remembered to go to your website to order more. It came quickly (excellent customer service)! I love the product and I love that not only does it work well and smell great, it's safe for use on both humans and dogs.
- Jolie, Texas

12/10/2016 - My mom and I used it when working on my railing for my porch…the gnats were terrible. As soon as we sprayed that on — poof — they were gone. Worked VERY well.
- Lisa, Cedar Rapids, IA

12/10/2016 - My son gave me a bottle to try and I’m so glad he did. He promised me that it would be great to use on my yorkie; I spray it on him before walks and it works like a charm. I love this stuff! I’m so impressed with it I have told all my friends about it. I also use it when I go running — it really keeps the gnats away. By the way it smells great.
- Billie, Austin, TX

9/8/2016 - I happened to pick up a bottle while out at the Kerrville Folk Festival (at the HEB in Kerrville). And I LOVED it!! I'm one of those people that mosquitos feast on and your spray works better than anything I have ever used! And it smells so good!!! I get so many compliments when I'm wearing it! People think it's a perfume!
- Spring, Dallas, TX

8/15/2016 - I wanted to thank Bug Protector for giving my family a couple samples this weekend! When ever the bugs started bothering me, I sprayed a little Bug Protector, and that's all it took to keep those bugs away. We love the product, and plan to use it more in the future. Thanks Bug Protector for an awesome product
- Scott, Iowa

8/5/2016 - I was going through a heavily wooded area with bugs flying all over, but with the Bug Protector on none of them even came close to me! I was also at a golf course crossing a bridge with a bunch of bugs in the air in front of me and they parted when I walked through. Seriously, I have tried many things for bugs and have found this one is by far the best one. You have a big fan here on this!!! I even shared some with a co-worker that was getting ticks on his legs and after putting some on, he was tick and bug free the rest of the day! Very good job on this one, all!
- Paul, Cedar Rapids, IA

7/21/2016 - I won this product in a Facebook giveaway and received it today. Living in hot, humid south Mississippi, it is hard to find a bug spray or rub that works well and smells good. Well, I've been wearing it out in my swampy backyard for a few hours with zero bites! Yay!! Success! I will be a repeat customer! I love how it's all natural too! Thank you, Bug Protector!
- Mary, Southern MS

7/11/2016 - Thank goodness I had my Bug Protector along this weekend — there were tons of mosquitoes out! I put it on my dog too. It worked great, on both of us! Thank you Bug Protector.
- Hannah, Charles City, IA

7/7/2016 - You're the ONLY bug repellent I plan on using from here on out. It works AND smells great...something we have not found in the numerous other brands we've tried. We've been telling everyone about you!!
- Thresha, Moss Bluff, FL

6/13/2016 - I used this product tonight while I played sand volleyball from 6:30 p.m. until 9 p.m. and it worked great. I believe I was the only one who did not get bit by all the mosquitos and gnats that were out. Normally I would have gotten bit about a hundred times using other products. I will highly recommend this product to all my friends who play volleyball with me. You have saved my summer!!!!
- Julie, Iowa City, IA

6/6/2016 - I moved here from Colorado two years ago. My father, who still lives in Colorado, came out to visit us this summer. While at my son's baseball game, we were using a competitor’s product and he liked it. We went to True Value to get him a few bottles of the competitive product to take home with him. In the store, they were unpacking a new product: your Bug Protector! I bought a bottle of it for him and myself. Back in Colorado, my father found out that your product works much better against the mosquitos and other insects than the competitive product. He asked me to send him a few bottles for his use, my brother and his friend, so I ordered six of the big bottles. I will be looking in town to get myself another bottle or two. If you are looking to branch out to other states, you now know that your product works amazingly in Colorado.
- Eric, Cedar Rapids, IA

5/17/2016 - We used this at Tamarack Stables to keep the gnats off our horses and our riders. Great product that lasts!
- Tammy, Cedar Rapids, IA

4/15/2016 - Getting buggy? Spring is here and summer is coming on fast. Are you protected? Bug Protector gives you a natural shield that will eliminate all annoying distractions that take away from your days of fun in the sun and even into the night. Safe for all ages and is DEET-free. Convenient travel sizes too! We've tested this in Hawaii — smells nice and doesn't stain clothing.
- Samata Magazine, Hawaii